Through this journey, you will develop an understanding of servant leadership and what it means to be a public servant. This journey will challenge you in different ways and help set you up for success in a career in public service.


Missouri’s Breakthrough Leadership program was developed to engage new to state government team members who are interested in developing their public service careers. The program embraces the three core pillars of leadership through Lead Self, Lead Others, and Lead Change. Breakthrough Leadership participants will gain a stronger focus on the pillar of Lead Self and further explore the three pillars through the lens of service to others.

The Breakthrough Leadership program takes an experiential approach to course delivery, proven to have an impact on personal growth. Participants will connect and collaborate across the three-day program, and beyond.

Day 1 Explores personal behavior through DISC, self-limiting beliefs, and the importance of networking.

Day 2 Introduces participants to legislative and budget processes through interactive, educational activities.

Day 3 Focuses on leading others and change through our influence, and leveraging resources available to us.

Breakthrough Leadership is an introductory, foundational-level program intended to prepare team members for future leadership opportunities. It is also designed to acclimate team members to working in state government.


For Participants

Accelerate their personal growth through individual leadership development and create a network of servant leaders.

For Their Departments

Build a pipeline of servant leaders wanting to build their career in public service.

For the State of Missouri

Retain service-oriented top talent.